• SATR-001: Nekrokyrpä - Verta, Kiimaa ja Oksennusta *sold out*
  • SATR-002: Nekrokyrpä - Kirvesmurhia ja Kiimaa (Noisecore & Grindcore) *sold out*
  • SATR-003: Divided Void - Last Limb of Putrefaction (Black Noise) *sold out*
  • SATR-004: Nekrokyrpä & Shitnoise Bastards - Noise Vomit Feast *sold out*
  • SATR-005: EJACULATING LUFTWAFFE - Third Reich Cocaine *sold out*
  • SATR-006: Nekrokyrpä - Lortto EP (Finnish Noisecore & Grind Filth *3"CD-R*)
  • SATR-007: Edge of Decay & Antero Vipunen - Fremdkörper *sold out*
  • SATR-008: Hangmankind - Ad Extirpanda (Harsh Noise from Italy) *sold out*
  • SATR-009: Fecal Fetal - Shackles Of Ouroboroi *sold out*
  • SATR-010: Satanoid - Katakombi (Demented Noise from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-011: Frans Höyer - Police State of Mind *sold out*
  • SATR-012: Nekrokyrpä & Menso Noise - Schmutz [Grindcore & Avant-garde Noise, split] *sold out*
  • SATR-013: Joulupukki - -3 [Harsh Noise & Shit Noise from Finland] *sold out*
  • SATR-014: Uitgeschakeld & Antisocial Block - Macht *sold out*
  • SATR-015: Torturing Nurse & Antitalent - Split (Harsh Noise filth) *sold out*
  • SATR-016: Lizard Drum - Gnarly Cut (Electronic Apocalypse Punk)
  • SATR-017: AYM - DEMO IV (Black Metal / Noise from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-018: Fecal Fetal - Purge (Noise Experiments from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-019: Aluminum Foil - Plastic Wrap (Experimental Industrial Techno from Finland)
  • SATR-020: Finsanity : I (Compilation including finnish noise sounds) *sold out*
  • SATR-021: Circle of Shit - Sooloseksihistoriikki (Noise filth from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-022: Goat Tunnel - The Glass Void (Drone Doom from Finland)
  • SATR-023: Necromantic Lights - The Math of Samsara  (Atmospheric Doom Metal from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-024: Satanoid & Atrophist - Sad Years  (Experimental Noise Terror from Finland) 
  • SATR-025: Engraving the Dead (Compilation with Noise and Industrial sounds from 8 artists *CD-R*) *sold out*
  • SATR-026: Vomit Pint - Ylöstempaus & Antikristus (Raw and ugly Grindcore from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-027: Nihilreich - No Future (Aggressive noise art from Scotland)
  • SATR-028: Circle of Shit - For the Third Time (Unholy noise worship from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-029: Joukkohauta - Demo 2016 (Raw hardcore punk blasting from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-030: Satanoid - Unfixable Diseases (Nasty and noisy Speedcore/Flashcore/Extratone sounds from Finland)
  • SATR-031: Necromantic Lights - Suffering Is The Vessel That Holds Your Bliss (Doom Metal from Finland *CD-R*)
  • SATR-032: Writhe - Forlorn (Filthy Harsh Noise from United States. 33 minutes of merciless sounds)
  • SATR-033: Fecal Fetal & Whiteswan - Split (Dirty experimental noise sounds from Finland. Split tape.) *sold out*
  • SATR-034: Holy Grinder x Sete Star Sept - Split (Ugly Noisecore & Grindcore. Split tape.) *sold out*
  • SATR-035: Goat Tunnel & Circle of Shit - Nihilistic Will  (Hypnotic Drone Doom & Noise from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-036: Happivaje - S/T  (Rough and raw Hardcore Punk from Finland) *sold out*
  • SATR-037: Maria Complex & Celine - Teurastamo (Obscure Noise, Experimental & Industrial) *sold out*
  • SATR-038: Positron Emission Tomography & Orgasm Through Torture - Split (Sick Harsh Noise & Power Electronics)
  • SATR-039: Mädäntynyt Hymy (Finnish Noisecore, Grindcore & Noisefilth compilation) *sold out*
  • SATR-040: 0+Q - ÆONIC (Occult & Avantgarde Drone from Finland)
  • SATR-041: Unamed - Vredgard, Tillfredsställd Under Månen (Black Noise & Ambient manifest from Finland *CD-R*)
  • SATR-042: Nekrokyrpä & PxSxTx - Onnellinen Perhe (Grindcore, Noisecore & Noise madness from Finland)


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